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Safe Solar Technologies

Safe Solar systems are solar power systems that eliminate the risk of DC arc faults, which are responsible for all solar-related fires. There are currently two safe solar technologies available in Australia.


Microinverters convert the output of each solar module into 230 Volt AC electricity which is then connected directly into the conventional electrical wiring of the home or business. The only DC voltage that exists within the whole power system is between the solar module and the microinverter and the voltage in this circuit is low and unable to sustain a dangerous DC arc.

Other advantages of microinverter technology include increased power production and system reliability. The largest manufacturer of microinverters in the Australian market is Enphase Energy.

More information on Enphase Energy microinverters can be found here.

DC Optimisers

DC optimisers are devices that are installed on each solar module to regulate the voltage and power between the modules and the main (string) inverter.

These systems operate at high DC voltages, however some manufacturers have implemented propriety technology which detects fault conditions and switches the power output of every module off in the event of a DC arc fault.  This Safe DC technology reduces the risk of DC arc faults whilst providing a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial solar systems. SolarEdge is currently the only manufacturer of Safe DC optimiser technology.

More information on SolarEdge DC Optimised systems can be found here.

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