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Installing a solar power system is a great way to reduce your electricity costs. A well-designed and installed system using quality components can pay for itself in less than five years and will be a reliable source of electricity for at least 20 years. They are also an excellent way of reducing your impact on the environment.

Solar system equipment is available in a range of qualities and technologies, some of which are safer and more reliable than others. Maintaining the safety of your home and business should be a priority when investing in any solar power system. With many different solar modules and energy storage components now compatible with Safe Solar systems, safer choices are readily available throughout Australia.

Australian families and businesses choosing Safe Solar solutions not only eliminate the risk of solar-related fires, but receive a better return on their investment, and also pave the way to becoming energy independent.

Safe Solar systems eliminate the risk of DC arc faults, which are responsible for all solar-related fires. There are currently two types of safe solar technology available in Australia:


Microinverters that provide a safe AC solution by converting DC to AC at each solar module.


DC Optimisers

DC optimisers that control the DC voltage and power between the modules and the main (string) inverter.

Eliminates risk of fire
Meets international safety codes
Meets safety codes
Rapid Shutdown
Rapid shutdown
Protects your home and family
Protects your home
Energy Independence
Energy independence
Typical payback
3 to 6 year payback


There are many solar retailers and installers throughout Australia who provide Safe Solar solutions. When choosing a supplier, ensure that they are familiar with ‘Safe Solar’ technologies and that the systems they install are rapid shutdown compliant. A Safe Solar installer will help you choose the right system for your home or business, and explain the many benefits of Safe Solar technologies.

Some solar systems are safer than others

Despite the widespread availability of safe solar technology, most solar systems sold in Australia use DC voltages that can pose a serious fire risk.

Unfortunately, Australia has not been as quick to adopt safe solar regulations as our international counterparts. For example, in the United States, safety standards preventing the installation of conventional DC solar systems have been in place since as early as 2014.

The lag in regulatory oversight means that it is up to you to do your solar system research and select a solar installer with a reputation for quality and safe solar.

Safety Installation of Solar Panels


  • Safe solar technologies are readily available and can be retrofitted to existing DC solar systems to eliminate the risk of DC arc faults.
  • Ask your installer about safer solar technologies, including microinverters and DC optimisers. If the installer does not offer these options, then we strongly suggest you seek quotes from alternative suppliers.
  • Based on current electricity costs, a high-quality safe solar power system has a typical payback period of between three and six years, and will stand the test of time for at least 20 years.




Safe solar solutions also deliver higher performance, harvesting more power over the life of the system. AC and DC optimised solar systems produce 5-10% more energy than DC systems when installed in un-shaded, north-facing locations. In some specific cases, this can increase to up to 25% more energy.




Reduce your reliance on the grid and protect against rising energy prices. A solar power system with storage enables homeowners to capture energy throughout the day to use at night. It also provides power during short-term power outages. Not only does this allow homeowners to reduce energy costs, it also means there is less reliance on the grid.




When you select the right safe solar solution, you can protect your home from fire. Conventional DC solar solutions may cost less, but most consumers are unaware of the potential fire and system failure risks. In contrast, an AC or a DC optimised solar solution includes rapid shutdown technology to keep your home and business safe.


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